Tale Summary | Sara says No

In the Middletown, Sara and her father, Mister Fruit live there, her father is a seller fruits, he buys apples, bananas and orange. Everybody likes Mister Fruit due to he is friendly. On Monday, the market is busy. One schoolboy asks for one kilo of apples, Mister Fruit cheats all his customers, he gives incorrect weight of fruit, Sara dislikes what his father had done. Each time she argues with him.

In Tuesday, all of his customers go back to Mister Fruit and argue with him because of their fruits are bad. they want to return their money. Sara decides she don’t work with her father anymore because of he cheats his customers.

Next day, at the market, Mister Fruit touches the fruit for weighing them for his customers, they become bad, all people are surprised and laughing at him. However, when Sara touches the fruits they become fresh. Therefore, the people go to Sara for buying from her instead of her father. then Mister fruit becomes Miss Fruit. her father stays in the house. and she becomes the seller fruit.




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Abdelkarim JAJA

Abdelkarim JAJA

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